We serve simple, beautiful display ads to theme park lovers & families who travel.

The Ads

Maingate ads are exclusive. Only a single impression is shown per page, and no other third party ads are allowed on our network sites. This exclusivity gives you a chance to communicate a message simply and elegantly without competing for attention.

Each ad contains a static image, 130 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall, and up to 140 characters of text. We don't allow any audio or animation on the network. We like clear, simple and beautiful ads.


The Network

The Maingate ad network represents a highly targeted and well vetted group of websites. Maingate is the only exclusive ad network to reach Disney enthusiasts, theme park fans and families who travel regularly to theme parks around the world.

Our audience is active and enthusiastic. Our publishers have high standards and very loyal readership. When your ad appears in the exclusive Maingate slot, it carries the trust and respect each of our publishers work hard to earn from their Guests.

Publishers are added to the network by invitation only. New sites and services are considered based on many factors including readership, quality and overall appropriateness to our target network Guests.

Products, ads and advertisers are reviewed and vetted by Maingate. We won't advertise a product or service that we wouldn't be comfortable spending our own money on. The ads themselves must be well designed, relevant, and appropriate for the network.

How It Works

We sell space on our network as "Ad Slots". Each slot has a flat price for a fixed percentage of network traffic. There are 25 slots available each calendar month. Each slot costs $2,625 and guarantees 4% of the traffic across the entire Maingate Ads network.

A buy with Maingate is a buy across the entire targeted network. Further targeting (geo, demo, behavior, etc...) is not offered.

There are no minimum or maximum requirements to how many ad slots are purchased.

  • Exclusive voice - No other ads are allowed
  • Attentive audience - A curated set of the best publishers in the space
  • 25 slots per month - Ads are served evenly across the entire network
  • 4% of all page views - Over 200,000 impressions per slot
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